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Teacher Training

After successfully teaching many many students face-to-face in Australia, we found that we were getting requests from teachers who wanted us to train them in our style/method of ESL teaching. So, we started our English Transformation Teacher Training Courses to the first group of teachers on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2015. This grew quickly and we have to date trained teachers in China, Iran, Russia, Chile, Brazil, and Japan. 

We understand that every teacher has their own style, but  also believe that the key to getting the most out of any teaching style is the ability to quickly and accurately assess a student’s work and then be able to efficiently enable the student to improve. Because of this we share all of our knowledge in all areas of English and how they combine to create high level communication skills.


Even thoguh we strongly believe that teachers should have deteailed knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, how they work with each other and how they work with the other areas of English, we also place a greta focus on Personal Development skills. 

Many of our students over the years presented with problems far greater than the need to improve their English. So, with our background in Personal Development/Growth, we werre able to “…teach more than just English, but teach about life as well.” That was a quote from more than one student. We find that as a student’s confidence and belief in themselves grows, their ability to in the right way increases as well. They are no longer “fighting” to learn English, but they are in the “flow” and learning 

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