So, you want to improve your English speaking skills. Honestly, you should stop reading this, and find an opportunity to speak with a native speaker. I know…. I know… that’s difficult… and when you finally DO speak with a native speaker, the conversation doesn’t “flow”. You get nervous. Suddenly, all the things you know just seem to disappear.

So, let’s look at one thing you can do to improve your English speaking.


Ultimately, we want to have normal, natural conversations with native speakers. This is difficult, but we can build our confidence.

 We need to be in a situation where we are only a little comfortable, where we “know” the answer. This will help improve your English speaking.


If you are more confident, you will make fewer mistakes, speak more clearly and better understand the response. This, in turn, will boost your confidence, making it easier to speak next time you try speaking with natiev English speakers.




Decide on a situation to put yourself in. – Asking for the time or directions.

Think of the question you want to ask – Prepare this beforehand.

Know the possible answer(s) to this question – Prepare this beforehand.

Decide on who you will ask and where.

Go For It! – Ask the person your question. Wait for the response.

Thank them and leave.

Feel great!


Example situations:


Maybe you could find an nice old lady at a bus stop, and ask her for the time. – Check the time. Of course, remove your watch before you ask her. ask and wait for the response.

Maybe you could ask for directions – Be sure not to be at the beach if you are going to ask for directions to the beach. Know where you want to go and how to get there. Ask and wait for the response.

Maybe you could ask where a particular item is in the supermarket – Just like not being at the beach, don’t be in the fruit section and ask for the fruit section. You get the idea. 


Most importantly, the best thing you can do is be consistent. Speak to a lot of people. At first, it might be terrible, but soon you’ll improve. Everyone is terrible at first. More on that in another post.


Now, go and speak to some one.


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